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Great Northern Pacific Steamship Company

     The Great Northern Pacific Steamship Company was formed on September 30, 1914.  The line was to compliment the passenger train service on the Astoria Line and compete with the Southern Pacific trains to San Francisco.   The company operated two ships, the SS Great Northern and SS Northern Pacific.  During the winter season of 1915-6, the ships also ran to Hawaii.   The service was not a success and the line was for sale when World War I intervened.   The U.S. government commandeered the ships on September 17, 1917, ending the line.   Both ships survived the war, but the Northern Pacific burned and sank on while being towed to be refit.  The Great Northern returned to coastwise liner service for many years with the Pacific Steamship Co. as their H.F. Alexander.  She was commandeered a second time for World War II, and saw duty as the General George S. Simmonds.  This would be her last duty as a  post-war surplus of ships left her obsolete and scapped.


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Stock Certificate #48


On-board souvenir brochure for mailing, 6" x 9" circa 1915.
Click cover to see inside panels.


Dinner menu typed on 5.5" x 8.5" notepaper dated March 15, 1917.


Breakfast menu typed on 5.5" x 8.5" notepaper dated March 16, 1917


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Cinderella Series No. 1
Circa 1915


Cinderella Series No.2
Circa 1916


Cinderella single, diff. series


Cinderella single, diff. series


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Playing cards, each with different scene from SP&S as well as NP and GN locations
Tax stamp dated March 1, 1916


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Dining Salon items


Trip Pass


Advertisement on rear cover of
National Geographic Magazine
December 1914


Advertisement from The Literary Digest
September 16, 1916


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