United Railways


United Railways Co.

    The United Railways Co. was formed in 1906 to build an electric interurban line from Portland to Hillsboro and down the Willamette Valley to San Francisco.  In reality, the line reached neither destination.  The United built north out of downtown Portland to Linnton.  After being brought under the control of the SP&S on March 3, 1911, the line was completed across Cornelius Pass and west as far as Banks.  In December 1921, the United purchased the Portland, Astoria & Pacific Railroad and reached as far into the woods as Keasey by 1922.  The company was dissolved as an entity seperate from the SP&S on December 29, 1944.

urett13t.jpg (17383 bytes)
Employee timetable number 10 dated August 10, 1913.


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